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Rodney K. Beauchamp, MD

Dothan Internal Medicine has been located in Dothan, Alabama since 2004. It operated as a private solo practice until 2015, and then the push of healthcare reform led to it being absorbed by a hospital-owned network of physicians. After three years, Dr. Beauchamp has decided to pursue a new direction for the practice. He is seeking a model of care that embraces his desire for quality, genuine, face-to-face time with patients. He feels that primary care has become fragmented, less personal and needlessly complicated. He was trained to take care of his patients personally in the clinic as well as in the hospital. He wants to return to such a practice and he thinks the direct primary care model will facilitate this type of care.

New patient enrollment is now open and the practice will start at the 200 Parkwest location on July 1, 2018. Patients are encouraged to contact us with further questions or to ask for a contract.

The direct primary care model will require patients to pay a membership fee to be a part of the practice. This fee will then entitle the patient to comprehensive primary care without further charges. Some examples of the benefits of membership include:

Unlimited number of office visits without copay

Typical office procedures, such as: flu test, strep test, urinalysis, pregnancy testing, EKG, Albuterol nebulizer treatment, some joint injections, steroid injection, other injections when indicated, etc.

Internal medicine hospital care

Enhanced after hours contact via phone, secure text, email, etc. Hopefully this will lead to less urgent care visits for patients.

Annual Wellness Exam

Same or next day urgent care

Adequate face-to-face time with MD at office visits

Responses to clinical questions in timely fashion by staff and Dr. Beauchamp

Care given by Dr. Beauchamp personally

Home visits in the near vicinity for special situations

A committed advocate less encumbered by the many restrictions in the current health care system

Education and Training

Internal Medicine Residency Training: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. 1994-1997

Medical School: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 1990-1994

B.S. Electrical Engineering: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 1985-1990

Our Services

In this model of primary care, Dr. Beauchamp will not accept insurance payments for the care he gives. Patients will pay a membership fee to continue to be a part of his practice. As long as the membership is kept active, the patient will have access to care without additional charge, including:

Traditional Comprehensive Primary Care

Dr. Beauchamp wants to quarterback the care of his patients regarding issues of wellness, acute care, complex disease management, and difficult diagnostic dilemmas.

Highly Personalized Care

Dr. Beauchamp does not plan to have physician extenders at this time and he does not intend to let technology interrupt genuine patient care.

Committed Patient Advocate

The healthcare maze has become complicated and terribly expensive. This office hopes to be a guide through this maze. We can’t do it perfectly but it will be a sincere goal of the practice.

Inpatient Internal Medicine Care

It will be our standard practice to provide the inpatient internal medicine care at Flowers Hospital for patients of Dothan Internal Medicine.

Key points to consider:

Participation in this membership model clinic is NOT a substitute for health insurance. Dr. Beauchamp strongly recommends health insurance due to the many costly events that could occur (hospitalization, radiology or cardiology procedures, labs, pharmaceutical expenses, surgical care, specialty care, medical equipment, home health, etc.)

At this time, the law says that one cannot dip into health savings accounts to pay the membership fee. Hopefully this will change down the road! For the time being the membership fee must be paid with post-tax money.

Dr. Beauchamp will be “opted out” of Medicare. This requires all Medicare patients that participate in the clinic to sign an agreement acknowledging the opt-out and agreeing to pay Dr. Beauchamp outside of Medicare. Dr. Beauchamp, nor the patient, can submit Dr. Beauchamp’s charges to Medicare.

Medicare and almost all other insurance plans will honor orders written by Dr. Beauchamp. For instance; hospital orders, radiology, labs, consults, cardiology testing, etc. will all be covered by insurance.

  • ** The exceptions to this include the BCBS “Select” individual and ACA plans that require a patient to name a “select” primary care doctor to give all of the patient’s referrals and orders. Patients possessing such an insurance plan should not participate in the direct primary care practice.

Covid-19 has disrupted life as we know it and it has changed much about the healthcare system. Dr. Beauchamp does treat patients with Covid-19, but much of that care is somewhat non-traditional in that it is done over the phone and by utilizing acute care clinics and health departments for acute testing. He is happy to guide treatment decisions when patients experience symptoms concerning for Covid-19. Dr. Beauchamp does not do Covid-19 testing in the office and the membership fee does not cover the cost of testing.


Membership Fees:

Age: Annual Fee:
18-25 $480 (or $40 per month)
26-64 $600 (or $50 per month)
65+ $780 (or $65 per month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Primary Care ("DPC") is a new model of primary care medicine in which a doctor contracts directly with his patients to provide primary care services for a membership fee. An aim of such a practice would be to eliminate the negative influence of third party payers on the doctor-patient relationship. DPC is being chosen by Dr. Beauchamp to hopefully return his practice to an old time medical practice, a practice in which patient care is the theme and not regulatory red tape. One where true quality care and quality time between patient and doctor are major goals.
A fee paid yearly or monthly to Dr. Beauchamp for his services. No insurance would be billed and the doctor would get no other payment apart from the membership fee. This fee would cover all of the routine primary care provded by Dr. Beauchamp including: office visits, hospital visits, office testing (such as flu test, strep tests, urinalyses, EKGs, albuteraol nebs, other injections, etc.), annual health exam, all paperwork for patients, telemedicine (phone, texts, etc.), etc.
No, unless a patient chooses to have labs done outside of their insurance in which case Dr. Beauchamp will arrange labs for negotiated prices with a local lab facility. He might then pay the lab and simply collect this price from the patient.
No. Your insurance will be used to pay the lab of your choice for all lab work.
No. Since almost all insurances cover routine preventive vaccines at pharmacies, Dr. Beauchamp has decided not to do vaccines at the office. This will help to keep the membership fee lower. In the event a patient does not have insurance coverage for vaccines, he will acquire the vaccine and charge the patient only the wholesale cost of the vaccine and he will administer it at the office for no additional charge.
Absolutely! Dr. Beauchamp wants to be the quarterback in your healthcare delivery team. A visit to the office just to sit and talk can be very helpful.
Yes. Dr. Beauchamp wants to MANAGE your healthcare. He is hopeful that this new model will keep you out of urgent care clinics except for very special situations such as minor surgery or when imaging is needed. He thinks the insurance companies are abusing the concept of "Telemedicine" by having unfamiliar nurses/doctors treat patients after hours. He thinks that care should be administered by someone familiar with you and your health history! Who better to do that than your doctor?
Yes, if you are admitted to Flowers Hospital and have a problem that requires general internal medicine care. Rarely there may be coverage by another physician in the event he is out of town or ill.
Probably not often, but he plans to do them when it is in the best interest of the patient, providing they live near Dothan.
Probably not. That question is being considered in more detail. For now, No.
No, at least not in Dr. Beauchamp's opinion. This is much less expensive than traditional concierge care and has as its chief goal to remove the third party payer from the relationship.
YES. Dr. Beauchamp hopes to see many Medicare patients, but he will not bill Medicare and the patient may not submit the bill to Medicare either.

YES, with regards to Medicare. Dr. Beauchamp will opt out of the Medicare system, so he will receive no pay from Medicare, but his orders will be honored.

With regards to BCBS, the vast majority of Dr. Beauchamp's patients will have no issues at all. All of his orders will be honroed and covered by their insurance. The only plans that would not honor his orders would be plans such as:

  1. BCBS "select" individual plans that require patients to name a "select" primary care doctor
  2. ACA (Obamacare) plans that require a specific primary care physician be named and responsible for all referrals, etc.

Patients with the two types of plans above would be disqualified from participation. At next open enrollment one could pick a different insurance plan without the "select" designation and then participation would be possible.

With regards to other insurance companies, Dr. Beauchamp is not aware of any issues regarding orders not being honored. If one of these other companies also required a “select” primary care provider, then extra diligence would be recommended before signing up for the practice.

No. The architects of the Affordable Care Act wrote that restiction into the very large set of laws. Hopefully, ongoing efforts by legislators will remove the restriction soon.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! You will need your insurance for everything else besides Dr. Beauchamp's direct care. For instance, you may have hospital charges, expensive testing, labs, surgeries, pregnancy, specialty care, radiology procedures, cardiac testing, home health, physical therapy, etc.
The impact of health care reform on this practice has been devastating. He has strived to shield patients from its impact, but the negative consequences continue to build. The "product" that he produces no longer resembles what he was trained to do. The computer-centric office visit is unnatural. The wasted time on data entry has stripped valuable time away from important parts of the practice. He has been unable to see his own patients in the hospital due to these changes. The reasons are too numerous to list, but to sum it up, the doctor-patient relationship has taken a terrible hit. He realizes he can do very little to change healthcare on the big stage, but he wants to make it look much different in the little corner for which he is responsible.
In the event you want to leave the practice, any unused membership fee can be returned with a 30 day notice.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. Watch this brief video to learn more.

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